In the most recent budget, the Chancellor reaffirmed plans to devolving powers to local areas in a bid to address a lack of productivity. This devolution will take place in cities across the UK, now including London.

Devolution will have a big impact on funding for skills across the UK. It promises to be a departure from the centralised approach that we have seen in the past. The devolved funding agreements will permit greater flexibility for contracting authorities to be able to respond to local needs. Whilst there is ample criticism about the lack of top level strategic drive and direction, there is clearly an intent to devolve funding.

This is a point that organisations involved in training such as schools, colleges, private training providers and third sector organisations should be looking to engage upon. Localised access to funding presents opportunities to engage and deliver much more effective and localised services. Those organisations who can demonstrate, in the right way, what they are good at will thrive under this new regime.

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