The HS2 procurement process is likely to be much more significant than previously thought. There is now the opportunity for a ‘2 in 1’ offer. The winner of the West Coast Mainline Contract will also be offered the chance to operate HS2. This is a significant step that shows a clear plan from the procurement authorities to promote collaboration on the two lines.

The front-runners for HS2 are Virgin (joint venture with Stagecoach, UK), FirstGroup (UK), SNCF (France), Abellio (Holland) and Arriva (Germany).

After the first stage of the bid, the companies above will need to consider the following:

Companies will need to establish what makes their offer unique and, particularly in the current climate, value for money. They need to carefully consider things like customer satisfaction and data reporting. HS2 is a new project and so the Government will have strict reporting conditions.

They also need to consider the infrastructure technology to be used; carefully weighted and researched responses will be critical to any successful response. The level of research in this type of tender is monumental, as is the quality. A good tender response should have a robust reference to data and independent research from official sources.

The third consideration for the process will be to focus on the specification outcomes. Bidders need to offer meaningful examples in order to showcase their service. All Front runners are experienced companies in rail service delivery and so understand the importance of good bid writing.

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