I was reading an article in the Times recently, ‘Eden Project grew out of a lie’. The story is a tale of the common woe that many charities, voluntary and community organisations, as well as schools, colleges and training providers often face… Not being able to secure funding to make a big impact on their local community.
Sir Tim Smit overcame this in an audacious manner. Upon finding out that the millennium commission (distributor for Big Lottery Funding) had rejected the funding application for the now internationally acclaimed Eden Project, Sir Tim called a press conference with multiple media outlets to thank the Millennium Commission for giving the funding.
The press praised the Millennium Commission for awarding the funding to the Eden Project, describing it as insightful grant giving. Eden went on to receive £56m of public funds in order to complete the project.
The lesson here isn’t to necessarily go for broke and call a press conference if your project doesn’t receive funding but there are some practical tips that do help.
Top Tips
  1. First of all don’t panic, there are lots of funding packages out of there. Especially post Brexit we have seen an increase in the number of opportunities available for VCVS organisations to apply for
  2. Review your application, or have a third party review for you, to critically review the application against the feedback provided.
  3. Review your own project and see if it is possible to break up into project stages. This may enable you to apply for smaller pots of funding to achieve the same end goal.


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